What To Do With Leftover Paint

Purchase Only What You Need

It sounds straightforward, but if you purchase the appropriate amount of paint, you won’t have any unused paint to manage after the job is finished. To gauge the right amount, measure the walls and multiply length by height to estimate square footage. A gallon of paint will provide one-coat coverage for about 350 square feet. Don’t forget that windows and doors will reduce the overall area. Still stuck with extra paint? Here are some options. Continue reading

Tips for Interior Painting in Cold Weather

Pro Painting Tips - Pittsburgh PaintingAre you just finishing an interior remodeling project and faced with painting in cold weather? It can be done, but the temperature of your house and the walls can affect the quality of the job and how long it lasts. If you are a home builder or contractor working year round, or just need to get a new baby’s nursery painted ASAP, here are some tips for interior painting in winter.


Unless you love the smell of fresh paint, ventilation is one of the major concerns of painting in cold weather. If it’s below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and you can’t stand to have the windows open, your best bet is to choose a low-VOC or no-VOC latex paint. The formulas produce very little or no odor because they are made without volatile organic compounds, chemicals in regular paint that have been linked to some respiratory illnesses. Continue reading