Other Painting Services

other residential painting services in pittsburghAre you moving into a new home? Or have you recently added on to your existing home or done renovations? We can send a crew to your new house and have all of the rooms and trim repainted before you move in or settle in.

If you are moving and provide us with your specific timeline, we will arrange to be on site immediately following closing to complete the job neatly and quickly before your furniture arrives. If you aren’t sure about paint colors, we will be happy to set you up with a color consultation through Sherwin Williams.  You can also use several online tools to help you choose the paint colors for your next project.

Devlin’s Painting also works with professional home builders and real estate companies to get new construction projects ready for occupancy. We can supply large crews that will complete a job on time and without cutting corners to speed up the property closing process. Our ongoing relationships with Sherwin Williams, PPG Pittsburgh Paints, and other paint manufacturers keeps us in the loop about the newest and best products for each surface. Our commitment to high-quality paints and superior workmanship means the painted surfaces will look better longer, and we will get your project done with as little disruption as possible.